Travel Through Snow With Ease

Travel Through Snow With Ease

Be prepared for winter with snowmobile repair in Durhamville & Canastota, NY

Whether you’re going racing or just having fun on a snow day, you need a working snowmobile. Visit Motodug for snowmobile repair before everything ices over. We’ll fix or replace any parts on your snowmobile that have started malfunctioning.

We stock a wide variety of used parts and accessories. You’ll be able to replace:

  • Shocks and Suspension parts
  • Clutches
  • Drive belts
  • Engines and Engine parts
  • Wearbars and hardbars
  • Tracks and studs

Bring your vehicle in today for snowmobile repair in Durhamville, NY.

Pick up the snowmobile parts you need now

If you haven’t inspected your snowmobile since last winter, you should take a look at it before the snow comes! Snowmobile parts that wore out last season may need replacing. Have you had your snowmobile's suspension checked to see if it's set up properly or if it needs maintenance? Perhaps your engine has seen better days?

We have incredibly fast turnaround times for service. We work on all brands and rebuild 2-stroke as well as 4-stroke engines in house. We can also rebuild, repair and revalve the shocks on your snowmobile to smooth that bumpy ride.

Call today to to schedule service or to ask about the availability of snowmobile parts in Durhamville, NY